How To Order

1. Choose


1. Head to the order page to build your custom badge order. 

2. Upload

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2. At the the checkout, upload your design.

3. Order

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3. Complete the order and the badges will arrive ahead of your deadline.

File Formats (and other techy stuff)

Send these!

Don't send these!

File Resolution

Files need to be 300 dots per inch (‘dpi’). This ensure a sharp print. Files with less dpi may have a lower quality print. If you don’t know what the dpi is, send it when ordering and we’ll check.

If you are sending a non vector file it needs be in a large dimension so there’s enough to scale down onto a badge. A small file needs to be stretched out and loses quality. Aim for 500px.

PSD Templates

These templates will help if you’re using Photoshop to send your design. (Don’t worry if you don’t have Photoshop, these are not essential.)

25mm Template
38mm Template
57mm Template

Design Tips: 3 Essentials for a great badge

Avoid all the common mistakes on a design. It will ensure your image doesn’t rejected for printing.

1: Keep good spacing around your design

Your design needs space around the edge. This is so it can wrap around the badge without any visible gaps. (This is what’s called ‘bleed’). 

Left image – The finished badge has a solid black background visible because there wasn’t enough bleed on the original image. 

Right image – No gaps visible as the original design had plenty of bleed.

2: Remember the shape it's going into

Your design is going to need to fit into a circle. Something that looks good at normal size might look too small when reduced down. Take into account the shape of the design.

Left image – A long name looks fine at normal size, but notice how hard it is to squeeze it into a circle, and leaves quite a lot of space.

Right image – When broken up onto more lines, it fits much better.

3: Keep equal ratios with images and text

If you have an design with a logo and text, there may be an issue if one is bigger than the other. Something that’s readable at normal size might be hard to read when reduced down. 

Left image – The logo looks ok at normal size but the text size ends up being an issue when reduced down.

Right image – When the ratio of image and text is closer, there are no issues with text size.



What are the badges made out of?

All the badges are made from steel parts which we  guarantee to last. They are tough badges and will not fall apart. Your design is printed on high resolution paper which is pressed under a thin plastic cover.

How can I be sure my design is ok to print?

Every image gets checked before being sent to print. If there are any problems with your design we’ll get in touch right away. 

What is the best kind of file to send?

jpg, jpeg, psd, ai, eps, pdf, tiff, png. See above on the file formats section for more info.

Can you guarantee an exact colour match for my design?

We can’t guarantee an exact colour match, but lots of care is taken to ensure the colours on your designs are matched as close as possible.


How do I order custom badges?

1. Head to the order page to build your custom badge order. 

2. At the the checkout, upload your design.

3. Complete the order and the badges will arrive ahead of your deadline.

I need it by tomorrow, can do do it?

Yes. If you order before 12pm between Monday to Friday and choose a weekday (not inc. Saturday or Sunday) as the delivery date, this will arrive on that date guaranteed. There is an extra charge for this service. The guarantee is: We will produce and dispatch the order on a next day delivery. If the order does not arrive on time, you will receive a refund of the extra amount paid for the quicker service.

Do I have to sign up for an account?

No account required! But it’s an option if you want to view previous orders later on.

How many designs can I have in an order?

You can have unlimited designs in your order. The first 2 designs are included in the price. Every design after that is £2 per design.

I don't have a design yet, can I order first and send a design later?

Yes. Download this placeholder image and add it to your order on checkout.  Then either email the design when you have it or add it the order on your account page. Note that order deadlines won’t apply until we have the design. So if you order the Express Service before 12pm but have not sent the design through until after 12pm, an extra working day will apply.

Can I send my image as it is without adding it to the template?

Yes you can upload anything during checkout. All designs are checked over so if there’s a problem you’ll be contacted.

I have ordered before, do you still have my images?

We keep all images on file so if you want to reorder get in touch with your previous order number or any other info and we’ll locate it.

How long does delivery take?

Today, tomorrow, whenever you need. Delivery is guaranteed on every order and arrives no later than the date shown. If you don’t want to pay extra to get your badges sooner, then you can select 8 working days.

Do you deliver worldwide?

We only deliver to the UK.

Next Day Express Service

Order by 12pm and receive the next working day guaranteed.